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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Valentino Red / Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum

Hey there fellow bloggers,  by now you may have figured out that I am a huge fan of fashion and fashion design? So of course I had decided that for the letter "V" I just had to blog about the King of Couture himself, Valentino.  But with five decades of amazing contributions to the fashion industry, where would I begin, where would I end? After much editing I have narrowed the post down to two subjects, Valentino Red and the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum.

Valentino first started using the color red alot in the seventies after attending an opera and becoming enchanted with a red costumed diva. Soon after, his trademark shade of red was actually given a name, "Rosso Valentino" (Valentino Red). Here's what Valentino has to say about the color red:
"Red has guts... deep, strong, dramatic. A Geranium red, A Goya red... to be used like gold for furnishing a house...For clothes, it is strong, like black and white."  "Woman usually prefer to wear black at events because it is safe, however, if there is one woman wearing red, she will be the eye-catcher of the evening. Its as if the room is suddenly illuminated. Simply perfect for a grand entrance." 

Ann Hathaway, on the Red Carpet, in Valentino

In December, 2011, Valentino's long-time partner, Giancarlo Giammetti unveiled his brainchild, The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum which houses all 5 decades of Valentino's work. This revolutionary virtual museum contains 5000 images of Valentino's dresses, photos and drawings, and 180 fashion show videos. I have downloaded it and it is a truly amazing retrospective of fashion from the 60's into the 2000's and there is even a "Masterclass" with Valentino, where he discusses how he created some of his most famous dresses.  If you are into fashion as much as I am, you NEED to download this virtual museum. I can not count the hours I have already spent in this amazing 3D museum just wandering around in amazement and awe.

Here is the link, if you want to dowload the museum:
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Sandra Tyler said...

Such a household word really but now I actually know a little more about him. Great V.

michelle said...

Wow! I love red... especially red lipstick!

Petra said...

This jeans and t-shirt gal just learned something. That dress on Ann Hathaway is absolutely stunning! Of course, she knows how to wear it. :-)

Great V post!

Amy S. said...

This is a great V post and I love the red angle!!! Wonderfully inspiring pictures!

Liz Powley said...

That is definitely a wonderful shade of red. powerful and beautiful.

You may educate me on fashion yet :D

Thanks for the intro :D

Best wishes,