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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wishing I was a Techie

Hello got lots to share tonight. So I'll just jump right in. Well, my new digital camera has arrived. I played with it a little bit. Got a good pic of some earrings I've been working on. After installing software, went to upload pics to laptop. Darn thing doesn't even recognize my camera, oh well, I think I'm  going to delete the Easy Share software and just use Windows picture viewer.  Thank god for Tammy, she is good for something. She told me how to set up SD card. She is definitely the techie of the family. Anyhow, here is the pic of the earrings. It didn't come out too bad. Next time I think I'll try taking pic outside in sunlight, though.

The next thing I have to show you is the business card I came up with and promised to show you. I created it in Microsoft Works. (I'm too cheap to upgrade to MS Word). I had scanned a necklace I had made some time ago. The scan doesn't show the the red beads, necklace looks all black. But it does showcase my beadweaving skills. It is also different looking, than just plain strung beadwork.  Back to the card, I created it on the cheap. Instead of buying Business Card paper from Avery or whatever, I bought a pack of 100 large blank index cards for $1.00 at the dollar store.  They are not as thick or as white as regular business cards, but they will do for now, seeing as I don't even really have a business yet!! Ok, so if you put them through printer one at a time and rotate card 3 times, you can get 4 business cards per one index card. Do the math, that's 400 cards for 1 buck plus ink. I just printed a few for now, and I can change the pic or wording on card anytime I want. How's that for resourceful? Anyhow here it is in all its glory
Last but not least, I just wanted to say a fond farewell to Lost. This is not bead related, but this blog is the closest I have ever came to a journal and I feel that over the past 6 years Lost has become an important part of my life. Never before has a TV show or movie for that matter, had such a profound effect on me. Those who stayed with the show from beginning to end and truly understood will know what I mean. 
OK, well, I told you I had a lot to post about. Gotta get off of this computer now, before I kill it. Like I said, I am not a techie, and even Blogspot likes to give me a hard time.
TTYL and make it a good night,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've Been a Busy Beaver

Hi. I've been a busy beaver lately. Well, actually, I've been a busy beader. I completed my latest 2 projects. The first one is a netted choker made of black czech glass beads, iridescent black bugles, and silver seeds. This is a very glamorous looking necklace. It would go perfect with a little black dress and is definitely not for every day casual wear.
The second necklace features a black and copper star hanging off of a spriral rope chain. The spiral rope chain has  galvanized gold beads in the center and a pretty dark blue, green and coppery mix for the outside spiral. This necklace has a very artsy feel to it and is definitely not to be worn by the wall-flower type, because it has "Look at me!" written all over it.

Well I am very proud of actually completing not one, but two projects. I have also been busy with creating a business card, reserving an Etsy & a Zibbet shop, and shopping on line for a digital camera. Yes, I finally broke down and bought one. The sad thing is that I have to wait up to 3 wks for it to be delivered Site to Store.  Oh well, this will give me time to complete some more of my UFOs before I decide to go with Etsy or Zibbet.  Yes, major newsflash, I have finally decided to try to sell my jewelery. We'll have to wait and see how that goes.

So, there you have it. A week in the life of a busy beader. As usual, I hope you will stay tuned for more. Next time I'll show you my business card and let you know how I created it on the cheap.
TTYL and make it a great day

Monday, May 10, 2010

What I've been up to

Wow, I start off posting 2 days in a row, but then don't post for over a week. I guess I've been busy. Busy with what? Bead shopping, of course. I placed an order with Fire Mountain Gems, which every beader knows- you can waste a whole day searching their website. They must carry millions of beads. Don't worry, I only bought about 20 items. I also stopped into Sadie Greens Emporium and spent about 2 hours drooling over their gorgeous beads and creations. If ever you are in Sturbridge, MA, you have to stop in and check them out. They have the bead emporium along with a store full of their own truly unique beaded creations and other beautiful gift items. Last but not least, I spent at least an hour in the Flying Carpet Bead Studio in Woodstock, CT. This is also a small shop filled with beads and wonderful bead work.
***OK, enough about my bead shopping, & onto to the bead work. This week I have been working on a spiral rope necklace. I found an amazing focal bead for it. Almost finished. I'll post pic when done. Last week I worked on a necklace with fire polished crystals and bugle beads. Just needs a clasp. Will also post that when completed. I have decided not to post my ufo's (unfinished objects) anymore. Maybe then I will be more inclined to actually complete a project. Yes, that is why their is a spaceship hovering above my head in my photo. Remember, I am the queen of ufo's. When all my incomplete work is finished, I will remove the ufo from my photo!!
***I do have a pic, though, It is the most recent strung stuff that I promised to show you. Just a few items made recently. Again the pics don't really do them justice. The 2 bracelets really sparkle much more than you can see & the green and blue necklace is a feast of vibrant color. It looks much better when worn. The big beads end and the little beads start at exactly the right place.
***Well, that's about all I have for now - Except to say that I hope all the mothers out there had a very happy Mom's Day yesterday.
TTYL and make it a great day,