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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Optical Illusions

Being a very visual person, I decided to blog about Optical Illusions for the letter O in the A to Z blogging challenge. 

Optical: of or pertaining to sight or vision; visual
Illusion: something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression or reality

Scientists believe optical illusions are possible because our brains are so good at recognizing patterns and seeing familiar objects. Our brains are quick to make whole images from separate pieces. Therefore our eyes and brains can be quick to see things which aren't really there.

A very simple optical illusion would be this one.
The different arrow points, make the 2nd line appear larger, which it is not.

Here's a picture of Albert Einstein.

Now walk away from the computer, turn around and look at it from afar. Who is it a picture of ?

And saving the best for last, I was actually introduced to the artwork of Julian Beever by my daughter who discovered his work on Tumbler.

These 3D sidewalk drawings are absolutely amazing! It's no wonder he has been nicknamed "The Pavement Picasso". Here is the link to his website, if you want to see more of his mind boggling art

TTYL and make it a good day,


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Glad I stopped by from the A - Z Challenge...

Petra said...

Wow, Julian Beever's work is awesome! I like optical illusions. Thanks for the visit!

Liz Powley said...

I love optical illusions...I too am a visual person (who often wonders at how people who are not visual think...if it's not in pictures then how?) and yes, you had me get up from my chair and walk back from the computer to find the hidden image in Albert Einstein :D

And that sidewalk art is amazing stuff. How he conceives and executes it, I have no idea.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Best wishes,

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh -- those sidewalk drawings are incredible. I was also totally shocked that those lines are the same length.

JoJo said...

Julian Beever's work is soooo cool isn't it? Escher has quite a few great optical illusions too. Did you ever do those 'magic eye' ones that were popular in the mid-90s?

Sandra Tyler said...

Those of the little girl creep me out but intrigue too. But here I am up, unable to sleep and those pics ain't sleep inducing! Neither is reading blogs especially when they're good. Great O. Why didn't I think of that instead of Oh? As to potions, I'll make you one if you can make me one first that will help me sleep:))

mummyfaye said...

Wow... 3D sidewalk drawings are amazing... Love your post... Happy A-Z!

michelle said...

Debbie, I loooove this post!
Yes, I got up and walked away from the computer (needed to stretch my legs, anyway, before they cramp from sitting in one position for ever and ever...)
I've seen a whole batch of Julian Beever's 3D artwork... he is AMAZING! Each piece is better than the one before... such talent...