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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leather and Lace

Hey there Bloggy friends, for today's A to Z blogging challenge I have once again borrowed my theme from a song title. And today's letter being L, my post is all about Leather and Lace, which happens to be one of my favorite looks and also one of my favorite songs.

Leather and Lace together are edgy yet feminine,  dangerous yet romantic, naughty yet nice, and extremely sexy, even erotic.  And best of all, always in style.

Leather and Chantilly Lace Trench Coat by Valentino

Christian Louboutin Lace Peep-Toe and Patent Leather Pumps

These are gorgeous, but expensive examples of  leather and lace together.  I really do love the look, but unfourtunately Valentino and Louboutin aren't an option for me until I win the lottery. ;)  In the meantime, I could probably design some jewelry incorporating leather and lace, but for right now, I kind of feel like listening to some music. Enjoy, and make it a good night.- Debbie


Amalie Berlin said...

I knew there had to be a Stevie Nicks reference!

(btw, totally a fan of the combo. And the jacket and shoes are ridiculously awesome)

JoJo said...

ROTFLMAO....yes this song goes on the list for my M topic today! lol although I do like leather/lace in fashion.

I'm not really into metal or grunge. I'm a Deadhead and place the Grateful Dead above all other bands (even though I am wicked sick of Truckin).

Kelly said...

Leather and lace are a very chic combination. Good call :)

Dazediva said...

Ahhh leather ! I love the look. I'm a bit of a tom boy so I'm not keen on lace on my leather(especially on my leather jacket) but in peep toe heels, they look super sexy ! Then again so does lacy lingerie :)