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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Color Purple

Ok, so I fnally beaded something which to me, is in fall colors. I have always thought of dark purple as kind of a fall color. Not dressy enough for winter holidays, and not the light purple you see all spring and summer long. Anyhow I beaded up some earrings in a dark purple and mettalic gold. Golden Glow is also a color on the Pantone fall color chart I posted a while back. So, here they are, another pair of brick stitch earrings. This time I also designed the pattern myself. 
According to Margie Deeb (The Beader's Guide to Color), this is a luxurious color pallette. I tend to agree, as this dark purple and mettalic gold together remind me of royalty. I think the best thing about the earrings is that I made them with a small amount of beads that I already had in my stash, left over from other projects. You will probably be seeing a lot more earrings from me, since it has become a recent goal of mine to seriously play with color without spending a small fortune on new beads. As usual, I hope you'll stay tuned for more. In closing,  I'll leave you with a few color pallettes I found on the web. The first is royalty and the second is luxurious. TTYL and make it a good night, Debbie.


Christina said...

The earrings look great! I really love the pattern and I have always been a fan of purple and gold together. I was reading an article talking about popular colors this fall and a deep purple was on the list (paired with a bright red which surprisingly looked good!)

Can't wait to see more of your fall fashions!

Unknown said...

Love the earrings! Hey you should check out this blog. Marcie plays a Margie and Me game every week and would love more players!