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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beads of Many Colors

I don't think that I have kept it a secret that I like Czech Glass beads. Well, actually that is an under-statement. I absolutely Love Love Love Czech Glass beads. Especially the multi-colored ones. Lately I've been posting alot about wanting to explore color. What better way to explore than with my all time favorite beads. So here is my latest creation. It is so colorful that I can't even pinpoint what color it is!!!!
Here's the long view.
The bracelet is embellished right angle weave made with multi-colored purple and green Czech Glass cathedral style beads. I also used a seed bead mix of coppery browns and metallic purples for the embellishment. When you are wearing it, the second you move your wrist, the colors seem to change right in front of your eyes. The play of light is also quite interesting with all the iridescent beads in this piece.

You can plan on seeing lots of multi-colored Czech Glass embellished with seed bead mixes from me in the future.  After all it is a no-brainer for someone wanting to play with color without having to spend a fortune on beads. In closing, I'll leave you with another pic. This time a close up. And by the way did I mention that I Love, Love, Love Czech Glass beads?

TTYL and make it a good day


Unknown said...

So pretty! I am starting to love the czech beads too! They come in so many awesome colors!

Kate said...

You are such a great bead artist. :)

KRDesigns11 said...

I love Swarovski crystals, but there is a place for Czech glass, too. I'm currently working with miyuki seed bead 11-286 which you'd probably like. My favorite "expert" on color is Margie Deeb; she's an author who has a website at I get her newsletter and have her books for inspiration, too.

June said...

OK, how did I miss this? Love it, obviously need to keep up with your blogs more, I find they're really inspiring.