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Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Giveaways are Cool

I've been checking out blogs forever, it seems, but hadn't been an active follower until just recently when I started this blog. Now I actively follow many blogs, because the world wide web is full of amazingly talented and creative people. One of my favorite blogs has got to be Inspirational Beading by Mortira. She posts alot about what inspires her and then shows her resulting beadwork. She also has alot of other info such as beading tutorials. So anyhow, she recently had a blog giveaway, and the color of the beads was so incredibly vivid, I just had to enter. This was the 1st blog giveaway I had ever entered, so imagine how special I felt when I won the gorgeous beads from one of my favorite beaders!! Here's a pic of the beads. They are 8mm round cobalt vintage lucite beads. The color is even more amazing in person.

Thank you Mortira for your generosity and your inspiration. You can check out her amazing beadwork and blog at .

Since then, I have been paying more attention to giveaways. I plan on having one soon, too. I think it will be good karma, seeing as I just won one. I just need to find a decent prize. In the meantime, check out this giveaway on the talented Andrew Thornton's site. Auntie's Beads is giving away some Chinese glass beads. Here is the link .

So now its time for my latest beadwork. Another flat spiral bracelet. This time I got to play with a little color.
Remember the Pantone fall colors I posted a while back? Well, this bracelet comes pretty close to matching 3 colors on the chart. I used  some two toned crystal and rose Czech glass beads which resemble living coral from the chart and then I used  blue lined purple seed beads which resemble the lagoon and purple orchard from the chart. I think the colors look nice together, but to me it doesn't look very fall-like. What do you think?

Oh well, fall has just begun, and I am still studying color, so sooner or later I guess I will come up with some Autumn colored beadwork. As usual, I hope you'll stay tuned for more.
TTYL and make it a good night,


Unknown said...

Those are beautiful beads! Congrats on the win! Just been through your blog and now a follower! Keep up the pretties!

LissC said...

This stitch looks similar to one I just learned to do this weekend. I LOVE it! It is so much fun I want to make a bunch of bangles. Right now I'm doing a necklace, but it's almost to stiff for a necklace, so I will see how it goes as it gets a little longer may have to forgo it and find another solution for the pendant I'm using. Either way its a great stitch!

Thanks so much for the sweet message you left. I'm following you also! I love all the photo's of your work you've shared on your blog. It's always fun to see what everyone is up to :)

Have a beautiful day :)