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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twins (Kind of, sort of)

Today is my older sister's birthday. We are 11 months apart. Since we were born less than a year apart, some people say that we are Polish Twins. Other people say that we are Irish Twins. Either way I'm proud to be both, since I have a bit of Polish and a bit of Irish in me.  So now you know something about me that you didn't know before. Maybe I'll start giving you a random fact about me in every post and before long you'll feel like you've known me forever. Anyhow, talking about twins, I have two almost-twin necklaces to show you today.
I decided to do something a little different than my usual work. I have been seeing these necklaces all over Etsy lately, and I said Hey, I can do that. So here are my almost-twin necklaces:

They are both made with glass pearls & Swarovski Elements flowers with rhinestones in their centers. The 1st one has ivory colored pearls, a gold toned flower & is hanging off of a gold chain. This will be given to my sister when we have her Bday party over the weekend. The 2nd necklace has pinkish-lilac pearls, a black flower, and is hanging from a silver chain. I really had fun making these. They were very quick to do. I definitely plan on doing more of these in different colors & with different beads, too. Of course I have to do some with my beloved czech glass. I swear I can't live with out my tiny colorful bits of glass.
Ok, I guess that's it for now. Gotta go through my bead stash. My head is swarming with all the different color combos. As usual, I hope you'll stay tuned for more.
TTYL and make it a good night.

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