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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bracelet, Zibbet, & Thoughts of Murder

Yes, you heard me right, I did say murder. But you'll have to wait for the story. First I want to show you my latest bracelet, seeing as I didn't show you any pics last post. This is a bracelet woven in a flat spiral stitch. The inner beads are multi-colored blue czech glass. The beads spiraling the edges are smaller blue bicone crystal beads woven in with shiny whitish seed beads. You'll probably be seeing alot of these in my Zibbet shop, because these are pretty quick to do as far as beadweaving is concerned, and I must have every color of czech glass bead in the world.

 Speaking of Zibbet, I am still on schedule to open by the end of the month. Along with my profile, I now have all my policies done. It was easier than I thought. So now all I need to do is complete a few more items, and figure out how to post them.

 Now we can move onto the good stuff. --- Thoughts of murder. Well those who know me will have already guessed that the person I want to murder is none other than the preteen named Miss Thang Tammy. So now you are asking why would Debbie want to murder poor sweet Tammy? First you must know that I live for summer vacation. A week in Lake George, NY.  Well to make a long story short, I was just informed that Miss Thang has to attend summer school, and of course some of it falls during my scheduled summer vacation.  She assured me she had picked up her grades, was no longer goofing off, and actually was now attending school to learn ,not to socialize. We even had one of those talks (you know the talk I mean- the one where mother goes psycho on poor kid and puts the fear of God into her). Well because of Tammy's assurances and the fact that I wasn't contacted by any teachers, I believed we were good to go, so I scheduled my vacation at work. And then on the last day of school, she pulls the paper out of her back pack for me to sign. Talk about being pissed off. So of course, the rest of the calendar at work is already filled up with everyone else's vacations, and there is no decent week left for me to take. Oh well, you will be glad to hear that after alot of thinking, I decided to spare the child her life. There are always long weekends and day trips. Besides, I don't think I would be able to bead in jail!!

Oh well, after that long rant, I'm pretty tired, and that's all I have for now.
Make it a good night

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