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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine...

Hello. I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. In the Northeast (USA) we had the perfect weather for a good old holiday cookout.  Well, I forgot the newest bracelet I made at my Mother's house, so I can't show it to you until next week or so. A flat spiral made out of the most beautiful multi-colored czech glass beads you have ever seen. Oh, well enough about that.  In the meantime, I decided to lighten up and post some summery stuff, seeing as the last post featured darker things.

First is a recently completed spiral rope. Started it at least a year ago. Just needed a few more inches and a clasp. See, I told you I procrastinate. Anyhow it is very summery with lime green, turquoise blue, and bright gold seed beads. I have been looking forever for the perfect pendant to go with it. I'm kind of anal about that stuff. (Is anal a bad word? If it is I am sorry, but it happens to describe me to a tee. Ask those who know me well!!) Anyhow, I could write a book about that, but I'll spare you. 

When I got home from the cookout Monday, I was definitely in a summery mood, so I whipped up a cute pair of flower earrings. These are made out of lucite flowers and lime green & silver twisted bugle beads. Again, the pic doesn't do them justice.  I couldn't get a decent pic with camera and they wouldn't dangle correctly sitting on scanner. Oh well, here's the pic anyhow.

To wrap it up, I wanted to let you know about a very nice & talented group of people at the jewelry making forum at about. com. I have been lurking around there for years now, and finally decided to come out of my shell & join their group. They are all like a giant family and gave me a nice warm welcome. If you are into any type of jewelry making at all, you really need to check them out. You will be blown away by their collective creativity and talent.

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