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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pay It Forward 2011

Hi there bloggy friends. I hope all is well. I've got some exciting news for you, but first I'll show off my latest work, if you don't mind. I am still on my bead embroidery kick, and am still trying to use up my stash of beads, before buying more. Anyhow, I purchased a strand of these unidentified stones (maybe some kind of Jasper or Agate)  from the Brimfield flea market last year, and thought the stone was a good match for a mix of purple seed beads that I've had forever. So here is the resulting beadwork:

The pendant is bead embroidered and the necklace is a variation of spiral rope. The last time I did this version of the spiral, I broke three needles. This time I only broke one. I guess I am getting better, or maybe more patient. Anyhow, it is really, really, really purple, but I still love it.

So now its time for my news. If you read the title to this post, you already know what it is. I'm sure all of you have heard of Paying It Forward. I'm also sure that some of you have already participated in Pay It Forward 2011. I am glad to announce that it is now my turn to Pay It Forward. I read about it on Deci W's blog Gem Trails and decided to participate. She sent me a beautiful bead embroidered cab. Thank you Deci. Now I get to pay it forward. Here's how it works: The first 5 people who comment on this post will receive a handmade gift by me. In return, you must write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward and send your first 5 commenters a gift handmade by you. Cool, isn't it? Think of all the handmade goodness we can get out there.  It's a great way to make some new friends, while doing a bit of good. So who wants to play? I can't wait to see.

TTYL and make it a good night,


Unknown said...

I am glad it was okay. I felt kinda bad because it was Tsunami week and I wasn't functioning well here in California, but it came with many good thoughts. Deci

June said...

Beautiful beadwork! I love the idea of 'paying it forward'. Count me in .... I hope I've not left it too late?

Cristina said...

Hi, Debbie!

Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, and for your very nice words!

What a lovely necklace! It's gorgeous! I would never have the patience to do that!
Congrats on only braking one needle! lol

I really like the Pay It Forward idea but I can't jump in right now. Hopefully this will change and I'll be able to pay it forward too...

Cris, from DeCris Creations - Blog

DeCris Creations on Artfire

Steph said...

Just wanted to say that that's a stunning necklace - I envy your patience! (Don't put me on your Pay It Forward list - I'm playing already and owe a ton of friends stuff!)

Stardust and Sparkles

Unknown said...

Wow, just found you and LOVE your stuff! I have been PIF this year as well! I am so glad to see others doing this.