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Friday, May 13, 2011

A bit of Promotion

Hi there Blogland. I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. I sure did. So, before I show you my latest work, I am doing this thing with a few other Zibbeters to promote each other today. I usually don't promote on my blog, because it makes me feel like a salesperson, instead of an artist. But its time to face the facts, that Abracadebra Designs is a business and promotion is necesssary for anyone who has an online shop.

Anyhow, I chose Zibbet because I liked their newness and fresh outlook on things. There is no turmoil over there like on that big shop that starts with E. Also I hear that there are soon to be unwanted changes at the site that starts with A. At the rate they are going, Zibbet may just become the best site ever for hand-made.

If you have a second, please check out these great shops. They all have some really cool and unique items.

So, you've been patient and now you get to see my latest. Another spiral rope necklace with my version of a
bead embroidered pendant. This one is light purple and white. The pendant is abalone shell. Seeing as I am
promoting today, here's the link to the necklace in my shop

Geez, promoting can be hard work. I've also been promoting on FaceBook, Twitter and Stumbleupon. So, before I let you go, just two quick questions - How much time  per week do you spend with on-line promotion of your shop and what do you feel works best for you?

Thanks for looking
TTYL and make it a good day


PaperOnParade said...

Wonderful article and I love your new necklace! It is a "WOW"!

Unknown said...

Love that you promote yourself! Gorgeous necklace!

Crazy Mama said...

i feel a bit uncomfortable promoting myself, too. but then i thought, you know what? i promote so much stuff for other people/companies...movies, books, products, restaurants, etc. if i can promote THEM, why can't i promote myself? i'm sure there are no successful business people out there who do not promote themselves. i go girl! for me, online shops haven't been working very well. i'm on the e one, artfire, shophandmade and zibbet. get looky-lou's, but only have sold to 1 person online (two different times). i have just met up with someone who is out a lot and knows tons of people who is going to be my live model/promoter. we'll see how that goes. your necklace, btw, is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thats a really pretty necklace

Anonymous said...

I have been on Etsy for many years. The first few were good. Now not so good.It is getting a little crowded over there. Have had my eyes on Zibbet for a while. I think I will give them a second look.

Gilly said...

Hi Debbie, I'm on Etsy and Folksy (UK), but I find sales pretty slow compared to doing a craft fair. I've been considering for a while now zibbet too.
Like you, I don't really like to promote on my blog, but I'm starting to do so and have finally joined facebook!
Good luck with zibbet xxx

SandyW said...

Hi Debbie,
I am on Zibbet, Artfire (2 shops, one with quilling and one with gently used craft books and magazines), Bonanza, and Ecrater. No sales anywhere, but its only been a couple of months. I have been doing craft shows since 1975, and am trying to reduce the stress, limit the shows, and build studios on line..........Good luck with your shop on Zibbet..... I don't do facebook, its too confusing and I would rather do my quilling than chat with people.......I also don't really want to know what you're doing!!!
oh well..........yes we do need to promote, so I follow the discussions on the sites and try to participate daily.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Debbie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You might envy my bead crochet, but I really envy your bead embroidery. I have been too intimidated by the instructions to ever give it a try.

I also have a Zibbet shop and would love to make some sales to open a Premium account and make Z my main selling place. I too am disappointed with the changes at Etsy, but that seems to be where most of my sales come from.

Promoting is tough work. I started on Twitter and I am finding that I really don't enjoy it at all.

Additionsstyle said...

Hi Debbie, I don't promote as much as I should. I use Facebook, twitter, forums, and my blog, but I don't promote much on my blog.

It's all time consuming. I have days where I spend the whole day online, but I would rather be creating.

It has been really slow lately, and I wish I knew what I could do to get some more sales. I have a few shows coming up, so hopefully they will have lots of people willing to spend some money.

Good luck with your promotions.

Sandra Tyler said...

Trying to follow you but your follow button doesn't show?