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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've Been a Busy Beaver

Hi. I've been a busy beaver lately. Well, actually, I've been a busy beader. I completed my latest 2 projects. The first one is a netted choker made of black czech glass beads, iridescent black bugles, and silver seeds. This is a very glamorous looking necklace. It would go perfect with a little black dress and is definitely not for every day casual wear.
The second necklace features a black and copper star hanging off of a spriral rope chain. The spiral rope chain has  galvanized gold beads in the center and a pretty dark blue, green and coppery mix for the outside spiral. This necklace has a very artsy feel to it and is definitely not to be worn by the wall-flower type, because it has "Look at me!" written all over it.

Well I am very proud of actually completing not one, but two projects. I have also been busy with creating a business card, reserving an Etsy & a Zibbet shop, and shopping on line for a digital camera. Yes, I finally broke down and bought one. The sad thing is that I have to wait up to 3 wks for it to be delivered Site to Store.  Oh well, this will give me time to complete some more of my UFOs before I decide to go with Etsy or Zibbet.  Yes, major newsflash, I have finally decided to try to sell my jewelery. We'll have to wait and see how that goes.

So, there you have it. A week in the life of a busy beader. As usual, I hope you will stay tuned for more. Next time I'll show you my business card and let you know how I created it on the cheap.
TTYL and make it a great day

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Paula said...

Deb, those are beautiful!!!!