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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Pic of some of my beading

Well, as promised, here is a pic. As you can see, they are all indeed unfinished. These are the last three bracelets I have started. Had to scan them, as I have no working digital cam at the moment. It's the best I can do for now. You really need to see them in person to appreciate the colors and how they sparkle.
*The top one is a flat spiral done w/light green and white beads in the center and small blue crystals coming off of silverish/white seed beads. *In the middle is a pink and purple spiral rope. The bigger purple beads in the middle of the spiral really sparkle. I am going to finish this off with silver bead caps and one each pink & purple small lucite flower dangling off the clasp. *The bottom bracelet is a dutch spiral rope made with the tiniest of silver bugle beads and very light blue seed beads. In person, it is very dainty looking.
So now you have seen some of my work. Bead weaving with tiny beads is my favorite type of work. I find it very relaxing at the end of the day. Also, I love a challenge. Other than tiny seeds and bugles, I enjoy working with crystals and pearls. I do some regular stringing with bigger beads, too. Pictures of some of my strung stuff will come soon.
Ok, so that's 2 posts in 2 days. I'm sure I won't be posting everyday, though. I just wanted to get the picture up as soon as I could. Contrary to my daughter's belief, I do have a life, outside of this new blog. You know how it is-cooking, cleaning, waiting on a 12 year old hand and foot!! Gotta run, I hear the laundry calling me.
TTYL and make it a good day,

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Lori said...

Hey - Glad to see you got your blog going. Looks like your elf Tammy Wammy is gonna have to get busy too with the beading. Can't wait to see what other creations you got coming.